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by Paul Guinness |

Very unusual specification and remarkable condition adds to this Range Rover’s inherent appeal, says Paul Guinness

The last two years of production saw the original Range Rover updated, rebranded as the Classic and pushed more upmarket than ever. But this entry-level Vogue’s unusual spec is intriguing – Arles Blue paint (a non-metallic hue usually found on a Defender that makes it look older, which will appeal to plenty of future buyers), manual gearbox, coil-sprung suspension and no air conditioning. As such it offers the benefits of a ‘soft-dash’ late-model Classic in an uncomplicated package.

The 3.9-litre V8 starts instantly and is soon running at normal operating temperature. The 99,000-mile engine has a smooth and even tickover and sounds equally impressive as you work your way through the five-speed gearbox. The car pulls superbly through the gears, cruises smoothly and effortlessly at the legal motorway limit and handles with poise on twisting B-roads.

This three-owner Range Rover – the second had it for 18 years – feels like it’s been extremely well maintained despite six years of dry storage from 2010, with sharp steering, superb brakes and a reassuringly ‘tight’ overall feel. That storage period is documented within a comprehensive service history file that includes a full set of stamps and MoTs either side of the lay-up, plus the original service voucher book.

The panels are exceptionally straight and corrosion-free. The Arles Blue paint – which looks to be the original factory finish – is very well preserved and even the corrosion-prone tailgate is in excellent condition. The panels all line up as they should – panel gaps were always generous on the original Range Rover – and there are no signs of any previous damage or rectification work. The trim, including the damage-prone plastic front spoiler, is all in decent order and the matching Goodyear Wrangler tyres are in equally impressive condition.

Classic Cars magazine
Spartan spec, but great condition ©Classic Cars magazine

This Vogue wears its miles just as well inside. The cloth upholstery is in excellent order front and rear and the new ‘soft’ dashboard that arrived in 1994 for the RR Classic’s final couple of years on sale is in excellent condition and helps to give this final-spec model a more upmarket feel; the only let-down is a creaking centre console when you’re on the move. The lack of air suspension and air-con suggests that the first owner was frugal. It does have a sunroof but this is about as basic as a Range Rover could possibly be back in 1994.

Classic Cars magazine
Engine bay’s tidy but not exactly concours ©Classic Cars magazine

Lift the bonnet and you’re greeted with an engine bay that’s very tidy and pretty clean but no concours contender. Once a sale is agreed, it will benefit from a full service by Churchill 4x4. It will also receive new brake pipes, including around the bulkhead where there’s evidence of some minor corrosion that will also be properly dealt with once the pipes are removed. Churchill says that any other issues found will be sorted although we could find no evidence of any; the wiring looks to be in good order, the hoses all seem fairly new and there are no signs of any leaks.

Engine 3947cc V8, ohv, efi Power 185bhp @ 4750rpm Torque 235lb ft @ 2600rpm Performance 0-60mph: 11.3sec Top speed 108mph Fuel consumption 18mpg Length 4648mm Width 1781mm

This Range Rover is one of four classics for sale tested and evaluated in the latest issue of ]( _[Classic Cars_.

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