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by Chris Hope |

Chris Hope reckons that this track-focused Porsche is hard to fault at the money even if it’s if not entirely original

If you’re looking for a properly maintained example of the ultimate transaxle Porsche then this one is definitely worth a look – especially if you’re interested in track days.

It drives exactly as you would hope, the big four-pot delivering strong acceleration free from any flat spots or hesitation mated to a feeling of being planted to the road. GCR Central in Leicestershire rebuilt the engine in 2015 at a cost of £6700 and the suspension was uprated with KW 3 coilovers and fresh bushes throughout at the same time. Feelsome and precise steering responds instantly to inputs and is entirely free from play and the gearbox has a pleasingly sharp action. The KAAZ limited-slip differential has also been rebuilt recently and the Janspeed performance exhaust system delivers a purposeful but not overly shouty engine note. The vendor intends to rectify a squeal from the rear brakes prior to sale.

GCR fully resprayed this car in 2018 at a cost of £5750 so there’s a deep lustre to the striking Amaranth Violet paint. It hasn’t picked up a single blemish that we could find in the years since, with the exception of a few swirl marks and tiny scratches; there’s absolutely no corrosion. Panel fit is exact throughout, including the optional factory sunroof.

Door rubbers and screen seals all look good though there is a blistered stone chip in the windscreen just above the offside wiper. The wheels are unkerbed, though a couple of the centre caps are showing signs of delamination. The Uniroyal Rainsport2 tyres have plenty of tread remaining and the vendor states that the wheel colour can be changed back to factory-specification silver should the next buyer so choose.

Classic Cars magazine
Interior in largely good order ©Classic Cars magazine

The impressive condition extends inside, the tone set by Porsche-scripted sill plates that are free from scuffs. Plastics throughout are undamaged, including the dashboard and centre console and all of the touch points (steering wheel, gear knob and grab handles) are unworn with the exception of the leather handbrake cover – the edge closest to the button release has frayed. A Safety Devices half rollcage has been fitted to a good standard although the trim at the base of the nearside B-post could be tidier – the footwell carpet doesn’t quite stretch over to meet it. A pair of Recaro Pole Position bucket seats with four-point harnesses have also been fitted and are showing no signs of wear.

Classic Cars magazine
Clean, but bonnet needs new struts ©Classic Cars magazine

The gas bonnet struts are no longer able to support its weight but there’s no visible crusted metal on any of the inner panels surrounding the engine. Fluids are all up to the correct levels and healthy in colour and the radiator doesn’t have any bent fins. Similarly all of the hoses and gaiters are free from cracks or bulges.

The MoT and service histories are complete with stamps from established dealers and specialists, the most recent work having been carried out by GCR. This Club Sport’s history also includes a Porsche certificate of authenticity and two thick ring binders full of invoices for general maintenance.

Engine 2990cc inline four-cylinder, ohc, efi Power 237bhp @ 6200rpm Torque 225lb ft @ 4100rpm Performance 0-60mph 6.5sec. Top speed 157mph Fuel consumption 28mpg Length 4320mm Width 1740mm

This Porsche 968 is one of four classics for sale tested and evaluated in the latest issue of Classic Cars.

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