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Highlights include
– An East London drive to discover the murky truth behind its criminal reputation
– A Welsh road trip reprising the Mk2’s natural role as businessman’s cross-country GT
– A traffic officer’s tales of redlining Mk2s on public roads and chasing trains
– Stunt crew members reveal the truths behind the Mk2’s greatest on-screen sequences
– Christopher Kerrison’s memories of racing an unlikely works-prepared Mk2
• EPIC RESTORATION – The painstaking resurrection of a rare Porsche 356 Pre-A Cabrio
• LIFE CYCLE – The story of a very early Caterham 7, first used as a daily-driver
• THE COLLECTOR – A man infatuated by outrageous Mercedes tuner specials
• THE LIST – A reader spends a dream day on the hunt in a BMW M635CSi
• EXPRESSO AMERICANO – An Italian drive in the one-off Alfa La Flèche prototype
• GREAT WHITE THREAT – Piloting the ex-Mille Miglia Beutler-Healey through Bucks
• Columnists Quentin Willson, Gordon Murray and John Fitzpatrick
Plus the most exciting news, events and markets coverage

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