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See what’s inside the June 2021 issue of Classic Cars magazine

Classic Cars magazine

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Classic Cars May 2022 issue

Classic Cars May 2022 issue
Classic Cars May 2022 issue

There are lots of great stories inside the June 2021 issue of Classic Cars magazine...

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Classic Cars magazine
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Classic Cars magazine


p62 Life Cycle A tyre-frying 57 years with the birthday-gift Mini Cooper that kept on giving

p89 Our Cars Replacing the hatch seal turns tricky for Phil’s Jaguar E-type (p89) while Malcolm’s Jaguar 420 springs a leak (p90), and Russ silences his Alfa Romeo Spider (p92)


p6 South African Shakedown Running in a Porsche 911E over 1000 sun-drenched miles

p68 Brave New World Could the Bristol Fighter have been a new chapter for the firm?

p76 Peter Brock The innovative engineer talks about Corvettes, Cobras, 240Zs and more


p16 Quentin Willson on falling Mercedes-Benz SLs and rising... Ford Mondeos?

p18 Chasing Cars Why early Lotus Esprits and Fiat 500s have further to climb yet

p22 Market Highlights A Canadian Citroën DS Décapotable and Kiwi Traction Avant

p42 Painless Classics A combination of great build quality, diligent manufacturers, simplicity and parts supply mean some classics are easier to live with than others. Meet the 12 to buy for an easy life, from Alfa Romeo to Toyota – PLUS – five ways to improve your classic at home (and five jobs to leave with the experts)

p80 Buying Guide Get yourself a great, underrated Jaguar XK150 now they’re top value

p87 Books & Models The story of Ferrari’s French influencer, and a 1:18 Mikkola tribute

p97 Ads on Test Sizing up a Fiat Dino (p97), VW 181 (p98), Maserati 3200GT (p101) and Morgan Plus 8 (p102) from the classifieds

p154 Price Guide Quarterly 293 climbers and fallers revealed

p135 Advertise your classic for free


p26 Sydney Harbour Concours Delage takes top honours Down Under as season begins

p28 E-type 60 British Motor Museum pays tribute to Jaguar style icon with secret models

p28 Murray Walker, 1923-2021 Remembering the ‘voice of F1’ who also named Vauxhalls

p30 Johnny Dumfries and Bob Berry Paying tribute to two generations of Jaguar racing stars

p30 Events Planner A summer of great classic days out is – hopefully – hoving into view

p32 Barn Finds A racer’s dusty Lotuses emerge from hibernation, back in component form

p36 Next Month Seventies sports car showdown sees controversial Triumph versus rivals

p37 Letters Seeking a long-lost Tojeiro, and Henry Ford II’s other Capri unveiled

p39 Quentin Willson triumphs over his own common sense and buys himself a Citroën 2CV

p41 John Fitzpatrick explains how a publicity stunt landed him in trouble with the law

p162 25 Years Ago Today Lotus finally had the engine to take on Ferrari. Did it convince?


Classic Cars May 2022 issue

Classic Cars May 2022 issue
Classic Cars May 2022 issue
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