Market Watch: VW Corrado G60 prices supercharged

Price update 23.03.22

Classic Cars magazine

by Phil Bell |

Wallop! The surge in price for VW’s 1989-1995 Scirocco replacement feels more like a turbocharger kicking in than the four-cylinder engine’s progressive blower. A 25% gain in our latest Price Guide Movers On The Up puts it firmly in the top ten, ahead of all sorts of unlikely challengers for market growth from the Wolseley 1500 to Ferrari F40.

Rough cars are around £1200, with tidy ones just over twice that, then a big step up to £6k for something in mint condition. The best? Try £8.75k. Until this round, all Corrado variants have been flat, and the normally aspirated 16-valve cars and VR6 still haven’t budged.

As good as it was, the Corrado was a slow seller and survival numbers here in the UK are small, with fewer than 500 according to the DVLA, of which just 184 are G60s. That’s a much better survival rate than the Calibra, which counts 217 UK survivors from a much bigger production run. It’s a rare case of a Golf-based coupé being worth more than the contemporary Golf GTI, in this case the MkIII which drivers thought disappointing after the much-revered MkI and MkII.

But hear this, the Corrado G60’s punchy price performance this month has been eclipsed by a Golf MkIII. The VR6 is up 40%, enough for the number two spot in our table with a price spread of £1.25k to £7k, depending on condition. A third of our climbers this month were built in the Nine-ties, which might support the observation that it’s a decade of growing interest, but the cars cov-ered almost all represent the more affordable end of the market where interest has been particu-larly strong in recent years. We should expect more to come.

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