Market Watch: topless Astons get more affordable

Price bulletin, 19 May 2021.


by Russ Smith |

Already the (relative) bargain basement convertible option amongst the DB4-6 range of Aston Martins, the DB6 Volante is becoming increasingly affordable. Values at the top end have fallen by around £50,000 since the highest figures we saw last year, and don’t appear to have bottomed out yet.

The £320k RM got for a decent restoration project in February was a new low-water mark, but that actually looks quite good when compared to the very presentable and past show-winner Bonhams sold for £400k in Monaco recently. It was brown, and from a Middle East collection (not popular with European buyers because they’ll often have sat dormant), but had been a UK car and still wore its British plates. Not long ago we’d have expected somewhere in the £450-500k range.

There’s no need to rush but watch the market – especially for those unsolds, which may come round again with revised expectations. This correction is likely to bottom out soon.

The regular DB6 Volante is the most numerous of the Touring-styled Aston series with 140 made from 1966-on, though the 37 short-chassis DB6 Volantes built from 1965-1966 on the old DB5 platform are the rarest. Second scarcest is the DB5 Convertible with 125 built, followed by the DB4 Convertible that found 70 buyers. The term Volante wasn't applied to roofless Astons until the DB6.

Overall, DB4 Convertibles are worth nearly 50% more than DB6 Volantes in equivalent condition and DB5 Convertibles are nearly 60% more. It's a heirarchy of rarity, with further nuances thrown in for the more powerful Vantage and manual gearbox versions.

The competition-bred DB4 GT (£1.75m-2.25m)and DB4 GT Zagato (£7.5m-11m) have their own orbit.

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