MARKET WATCH: Sunbeam Tiger prices pick up the pace

While buyers for many of their period alternatives have been forcing down prices, those on the hunt for a Sunbeam Tiger have been outnumbering supply, willing to push values ever higher, as our latest Price Guide Movers On The Up reveals

MARKET WATCH: Sunbeam Tiger prices pick up the pace

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In hard numbers, that’s a 12% jump in MkI prices and 13% for MkIIs since our last update. It means that rough project MkIs are typically around £17.k, with the scarcer MkII commanding £23.5k. Usable cars needing work are typically around £27.5k and £36k respectively and fault-free examples more like £50k and £62.5k. For a concours contender, think £70k and £85k, though provably low mileage or thoroughly documented ownership and maintenance histories will skew the figures for any of these condition levels, as can respected celebrity ownership.

The Tiger’s apparently gravity-defying performance in a market that’s pulling down assorted Ferraris, Porsches and Jaguars has a lot to do with its modest growth when all of those other makes were piling on the pounds 5-10 years ago, leaving it as a rare pocket of good value for anyone looking for archetypal chrome and curves style with the bonus of cheap-to-own, and tune of course, small-block Ford V8 power. Grrr indeed.

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