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Rover P5B Coupe

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Here’s a good example of how the market doesn’t move in unison. In our latest Price Guide Movers update in the latest issue, the Rover P5B Coupé has surged upwards by 10%, joining a broad range of strong climbers ranging from the Ford Capri MkI 3000GT (now £3.4k-22.5k) to the Lamborghini Miura SV (£1.5-2.2m).

That takes rough examples of the ex-Buick V8-powered Rover Coupé to £3.5k, good, usable cars to £9k and faultless examples to £15.5k. Concours cars are now £22k. But in a month that saw as many fallers as climbers – for the first time – the saloon version of the same car slipped by 6.3%, bringing prices to £2.2-15k, depending on condition. We’ve become used to seeing the next best version of a halo model following along in its wake, but as the market increasingly hands power to the buyer, those enthusiasts are playing by their own rules.

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