MARKET WATCH: Porsche 911 Turbos looking more attractive

Price update, 09.02.2022

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by Phil Bell |

While prices of 3.0-litre Turbos built from 1975 to 1977 hold firm thanks to scarcity, lighter weight and first-of-species collectability, the more plentiful 3.3-litre evolutions built through to 1990 have slid back from their market peak.

Figures revealed in our current issue (Russ Smith’s market analysis, March 2022) show that prices are down 12.5% from where they were three years ago, dropping open-wallet-surgery project cars to £29.5k and usable cars needing time and money to make sharp more typically £40k. Mint cars with no obvious needs are now £65k and concours-level perfection can mean paying £87.5k.

If those better-condition prices look a little plump compared to fixer-upper examples, bear in mind that spare parts prices for Turbo models can be double what you’d pay for an equivalent item on a contemporary normally aspirated SC or Carrera 3.2 model. It’s not just the engine that was massively upgraded, in typically thorough Porsche fashion, pretty much everything else was improved to match.

If you’re curious about those pure, early 3.0-litre cars, the Price Guide Quarterly update in this issue has them starting at £52.5k for rough examples, £79k for good cars, £105k for mint ones and £135k for perfection. Beyond the kudos of first-of-type and scarcity, you get something that’s lighter and more playful at the limit – if you have the skills to enjoy that – albeit with less power.

While it would sound daft to describe any of these 930-generation cars as bargains, the prices, even for the 3.0 model, look good value alongside far less iconic alternatives.

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