Recent sales highlight how the market is looking differently at these torquey tourers


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You know that one strong or weak sale doesn’t redefine a models pricing, but it does provide supporting evidence alongside other similar results. Take the 1973 MGB GT V8 that SWVA sold for a meaty £34.5k recently, a low-mileage example with plenty of supporting paperwork, it was always going to do better than the more numerous high-mileage cars with thin history files and OK but sub-perfect restorations.

The trend that it does support is a 6.7% increase in value for the chrome bumper models built from 1973 to 1974. That brings the best examples to an average of £24k, fault-free cars to £16k and tidy drivers to £7.5k. The less-fancied plastic-bumpered cars that followed, and that everyone calls rubber-bumper models start off a little cheaper at £3.25k, rising through £6.5k and £13k to £18.5k respectively. So the gap get wider, the better condition you’re chasing.

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