Market Watch: Maserati Khamsins lose their edge

Price bulletin, 14 July 2021.

Classic Cars magazine

by Phil Bell |

Five years of strong growth has started to reverse for these sharp-looking grand tourers.

By 2016, this wonderfully strange brew of traditional Maserati V8 grand tourer, futuristic Marcello Gandini styling and clever Citroën hydraulics had already enjoyed increased recognition, then it put in another five years’ growth totalling 45%.

With the latest 7.4% slip from peak values reported in the August issue’s Price Guide Movers On The Slide, that reduces the last year’s growth to just 3%. We’re seeing the erosion at the top end of the condition scale, with concours contenders bearing the brunt. Those cars had comfortably stepped over the £100k threshold that makes owners tend to feel they’re more collectable than usable, and it’s this territory where we’re often seeing prices slip.

It means that entry level for a rough car needing restoration remains at £45k, as it was a year ago, and similarly, presentable cars needing work are still £65k and mint examples £95k. The new price for a concours-level car is now £125k, still £35k more than it was in 2016.

I’d be surprised if there are dramatic falls ahead for the Khamsin. Dramatic wedge styling pulls in new fans with every passing year, and this was by the hand of the man behind the Lamborghini Countach shape – look how expensive they’ve become. But beneath all of that sharply-chiselled sheet metal and radical detailing lies a comfortable GT with a 320bhp, quad-cam V8 at its heart. So, this one’s as usable as it is spectacular.

The Khamsin is the only Maserati in this month’s table of 31 fallers, a list peppered with Ferraris and Astons but only one Porsche. In there, you’ll also find examples Ford, Jaguar and Marcos in a list that respects no boundaries, though more than half of them have fallen by less than 3%.

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