Market Watch: Lancia Deltas stage up for growth

Price bulletin, 16 June 2021.

Classic Cars

by Phil Bell |

Lancia Delta HF Turbos and Integrales are on the up in our latest roundup of Price Guide Movers. These four-wheel drive, five-door hatches dominated rallying in the late Eighties/early Nineties, winning six manufacturers’ and four drivers’ World Championship titles from 1987 to 1992. Now they’re winning as thrilling classics to buy and drive, whichever variant you can get your hands on.

The original Integrale built from 1987 is leading the charge with an 11% jump that places rough project cars at £4.25k, good, usable examples at £8.5k and mint-to-concours cars in the £16.5k to £25k range. They’ve long lived in the shadows of the more extreme Evo I and Evo II variants that arrived in 1991 and 1993 respectively, which has given them plenty of headspace for further growth. And let’s face it, 165/185bhp from the early 8-valve, twin-cam turbo four-cylinder cars, or 200/210bhp with the later 16-valvers is hardly slumming it in something so light and agile. Drive a Quattro, then try an Integrale.

Only ultimates good enough for you? Unfortunately, the expensive has just become even more so, with the Evo Is also up 11% to £11k, £20k, £37.5k and £50k respectively and the Evo II gaining 6.7% to typically make £13.5, £25k, £50k and £64k in equivalent condition.

These moves come in a month when just under half of the climbers are from the Eighties or later, nearly 80% are sub-£50k and nearly 60% are less than £20k. Despite its recent surge, the regular Integrale still looks good value compared to assorted performance Fords, Porsche 911s and Audi Quattros. And thiunk about it, the freshly climbing Land Rover Defender Td5 (up 6.7%) will now cost you £3k, £4.8k, £11k and £15.75k depending on condition. What would you rather take for a spin this Sunday?

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