MARKET WATCH: Lancia Deltas scrabble forward again

Price update, 26.01.2022

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by Phil Bell |

For the second time in 12 months, all the turbocharged versions of Lancia’s sharply-handling Delta are shooting up in value.

Even the slowest moving – the front-wheel drive HF Turbo – is up 9.1%, giving the following condition-rated values of £1.75k (rough but complete cars), £3.75k (good, usable cars that would benefit from work), £8k (mint examples without flaws) and £12k (concours-standard perfection).

Next up is the Integrale Evo 2, up 17% to £15k, £30k, £60k and £75k in equivalent condition, then the first of the four-wheel drive Deltas, the Integrale, up 20% to £5k, £12k, £21k and £30k.

Top spot goes to the second most valuable variant, the Integrale Evo 1, up 28% to £12.5k, £25k, £50k and £64k.

Back in our August issue Price Guide Movers On The Up table we saw more modest, but still substantial, increases of between 6.7% and 11%, depending on model. Back then the regular Integrale was the fastest climber, level with the Evo 1, then followed by the Turbo and Evo 2.

Want to know what all of the fuss is about? Consider that these cars dominated rallying in the post-Group B world from 1987 to 1992, winning six constructors’ world championships on the bounce and two drivers’ world championships apiece for Juha Kankunnen and Miki Biasion. It’s tempting to compare its record to the Ford Escort, but that would be unfair – by the time the constructors’ world championship was introduced, the Ford was already five years old, and when the world drivers’ championship came along, the model was nine years old. That didn’t stop it picking up both titles in 1979 though.

If its rallying pedigree doesn’t win you over, try to wangle a drive in one. I can still recall the all-too-brief hour I had behind the wheel of an Evo 2 back in the early 2000s. The joy that returns with those memories is tempered by sadness at how expensive the ultimate ‘Deltagrale’ has become. Fortunately, the more affordable variants won’t disappoint.

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