MARKET WATCH: Jaguar XJR pounces

Price update, 23.02.2022

Classic Cars magazine

by Phil Bell |

The supercharged version of Jaguar’s retro-styled X300 saloon has leapt in price, according to our latest data. The XJR, built from 1994 to 1997 – X306 in Jaguar speak – tops this month’s table of Price Guide Movers On The Up with a 70% gain.

Prices start at £1k for a rough cars needing lots of work, climbing to £2.4k for something presenta-ble but still needing plenty of time and money. Mint examples are now £5k with concours-perfect ones typically £8.5k, so this is still a great deal of handsome, capable and refined performance for the money. That supercharged 4-litre inline six-cylinder engine is good for 321bhp and 378lb ft.

Jaguar built just over 6500 of them before switching to V8 power in 1997, and finding one of the really good survivors takes patience. It’s worth the effort, and is certainly a more cost-effective way to own one of the best than trying to make a neglected car into something special.

This X306 performance comes in a month where more than 80% of the price movers are in growth, so it’s done well to top the chart. That list includes three other Jaguars – the previous generation XJR and XJ12, and the contemporary XJS. As well as having different generational appeal from Jagu-ar’s iconic Forties, Fifties and Sixties models, they of course represent more accessible value and more easy-going usability. As admired as those cars are, they demand greater tolerance of poorly resolved ergonomics, ventilation and other comfort factors that advanced so much in later designs.

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