Market Watch: Jaguar price falls slowing?

Price bulletin, 3 November 2021.

Classic Cars magazine

by Phil Bell |

Jaguar’s ever popular XK150S has lost value again, but the small shift this month could represent a slowing of the trend. Despite packing the most desirable 3.8-litre version of the XK twin-cam engine in triple SU carburettor S form – as carried forward along with the Moss gearbox to the E-type in 1961 – the fixed head coupé is down 1.6% in our latest roundup of Price Guide Movers On The Slide.

That gives a price range of £45k to £106k, depending on condition. The current downward trend comes off the back of long-term growth for Jaguar’s Fifties and Sixties sporting models that had pushed prices beyond their familiar position of a realistic aspiration for many. If you’re wondering if the generational effect will make them increasingly irrelevant to new waves of buyers, I’d advise caution. Time and again, classics from the golden era of curves and chrome have been placed in that box by market observers, only to confound them by attracting new, younger fans.

Austin-Healey 100s/100/6s and 3000s, Triumph TRs 2-6 and the rest have more to offer than a mere personal nostalgia trip – they’re entertaining to drive, charismatic, and are supported by a wealth of specialists and events to take part in.

The XK is at the bottom of our sliders list this month, two-thirds of which are designs from the Fif-ties or earlier. As we’ve started to see in recent months, the number of Ferraris, Aston Martins and Porsches – all prominent surfers of the last classic car price wave – on the list is getting smaller. Those with intrinsic appeal beyond their hoped-for capacity to grow in value or desirability by asso-ciation with A-list models are being sought out once again, and some are starting to see price growth once more. But it’s time to keep a cool head – buyers are moving cautiously and increases are accordingly gentle for this sort of car. All of the hot action is down at the affordable end of the price spectrum, bar one lonely-looking Lamborghini Countach

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