MARKET WATCH: Jaguar Mk2 prices make a convincing comeback

Price update, 12.01.2022

Classic Cars magazine

by Phil Bell |

Jaguar Mk2s make the top ten Price Guide Movers On The Up in this issue’s monthly roundup.

Prices for the most coveted 3.8-litre model have soared 18% since our last update. That moves the spread of condition-related prices into the £5000 to £50,000 range:

• Rough project £5000 • Good usable £14,000 • Mint £30,000 • Concours £50,000

After the Mk2’s rise during the Eighties boom to become seen as the archetypal classic saloon, its place in the value hierarchy has been inconsistent, either moving with or against the overall mar-ket tide, or simply being ignored by it. Since those days, younger designs have overtaken its appeal, particularly fast Fords and BMWs, but just when it looks as if the Mk2 appeal is starting to fade with the generation that grew up with it, values perk up again. Right now, it’s benefitting from the gen-eral upward trend for sub-£50,000 classics.

And both of the smaller-engined versions are following at a slower pace, the 3.4-litre cars climbing 4.5% and the 2.4-litre model up 2.3%. But it’s not just the Mk2 range that’s riding the new wave, five other Jaguars are also on the up, including the second and third generations of XJ6, up 10% and 11% respectively, and both 3.6-litre straight six- and 5.3-litre V12-powered XJSs up 4.2% and 16%. Even the XK150 drophead coupé is seeing a significant 5.3% uplift, after a period when XKs have been generally falling. And that’s well above the £50k price band where most of the upward action is going on. Rough examples start at £26,000 but the mint condition cars are typically £70,000; the concours-ready cars £100,000.

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