Market Watch: Jaguar E-types returning to growth?

Price update 23.03.22

Classic Cars magazine

by Phil Bell |

The latest figures in this issue’s Price Guide Movers On The Up reveal what could be further signs of recovery from the Jaguar E-type price slide. The decline seemed to bottom out late last year, and new data shows two in particular making strong leaps.

The Series 1 2+2 coupé (fixed-head coupé in Jaguar speak), the one with slightly longer wheelbase and a taller roof to accommodate very small rear seat passengers, is up a spectacular 18%, enough to place it in our top 20 growers this month. That makes rough examples typically around £11k and presentable cars needing work double that figure. When you consider the cost of restoration work on these complex cars, £47.5k for a mint condition example and £65k for perfection looks particu-larly good value. The first series cars, with the covered headlights and delicate lighting and bumper treatment are the most fancied, but the 2+2 is less desirable than the two seater fhc and roadster (open two-seater) respectively and remains a relative bargain. You could buy two for the price of the two-seater fhc.

The Series 2 roadster, along with the so-called Series 1.5 (the transitional cars with a mix of S1 and S2 details), are next up for growth, gaining 7.3% for this update. That places them at £27k, £45k, £77.5k and £110k in equivalent condition. Although the S2 is a better car to drive than its prede-cessor, cosmetic changes including full-width bumpers, a wider radiator intake, larger light clusters and uncovered headlamps make them perennially cheaper than the S1s. Only E-type people seem to care though – drive anywhere in your S2 and pretty much everyone you meet will swoon.

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