MARKET WATCH: Humber Super Snipes grow their following

Price update, 09.02.2022

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by Phil Bell |

The latest classic family saloon to discover fresh powers of acceleration is the Humber Super Snipe, the model that began in 1958 with the single-headlight nose in Series 1 form, gaining twin headlamps with the Series 3 of 1960 and finally bowing out as the Series 5 in 1967 alongside its even plusher Imperial sibling.

Our latest Price Guide Movers On The Up places the Series 1 in our top 20 movers, with an 8.3% climb, with the rest of the series up slightly more at 8.6%, albeit from a baseline a couple of hundred pounds lower. So those first cars start at £1.3k for a project, double that for something tidy and usable and mint condition cars making around £7k and the very best now £9.75k. You can pay that top figure for a glass-out, bare-metal repaint of most cars if you want a concours finish, and that’s if there’s no welding involved. The top of the line Imperial has moved less, up 8.1% for a £1.35k to £10k price spread and dropping it outside our top 20.

Through the series, the overhead valve straight six engine grew from 122bhp to 137.5bhp, the higher figure coming from twin Zenith carburettors and a more efficient cylinder head in the Series V, distinguished by a more clean-cut glasshouse expected in the Sixties. The rest of the body retained its mid-late Fifties transatlantic curves and chrome, contrasting with a traditionally British polished wood and leather interior.

More than 50% of this month’s growers are saloons, most pre-1980 and sub-£20k. The allure of easy-living and family nostalgia is gaining momentum.

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