Market Watch: hot Fords reheated

Price bulletin, 25 August 2021.

Classic Cars

by Phil Bell |

Just when the world thought that the growth of performance Ford values had run out of gears, they’ve found overdrive.

We’ve seen Escort MkIIs jump by anything from 6.7% to 41%, and that includes the non-sporting models. In fact, our latest round of Price Guide Movers On The Up shows the Escort Ghia is responsible for the biggest percentage gain. That puts rough cars at £2k, usable examples around £4k, mint ones at £8k and concours contenders at £12k.

The gentlest climb of 6.7% is reserved for the Mexico, with typical prices of £6.25k, £11.75k, £23k and £32k in equivalent condition. RS2000s and RS1800s have increased by 18% and 7.7% respectively. With MkI prices holding steady at the moment, the second generation have closed the gap significantly. In some cases the moves can be explained by certain MkII versions being better value for some time, but where there’s not much to choose between them, it appears that the generational appeal of the younger cars is having an effect.

The Escort RS Cosworth has also seen a strong push, up 33% to approximately £20k, £30k, £40k and £50k, depending on condition, a result consistent with forces we’re starting to see on other Eighties/Nineties race and rally homologation specials.

If you’re wondering if this recent surge is influencing Capri prices as well, it is, but specifically the Eighties V6 MkIIIs. The 2.8i is up 33% to give a £2.5k to £22k price spread; the run-out special 280 up 11% to £4.5k to £25k. Given the limited run of 1038 built with special Brooklands Green paint, Raven black leather and inch-bigger ‘starfish’ alloys, you might expect a larger premium over the regular 2.8i, but so many were bought as collector pieces and laid down that they’ve ended up not suffering the same attrition rate.Inevitably, the ever-higher performance achieved by the later series Elises will continue to attract a premium, but like its Lotus Seven grandaddy, these cars need nothing more than the basic specification engines to reconnect you with what driving is all about.

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