Market Watch: Honda NSXs on the move

Price bulletin, 17 November 2021.

Classic Cars magazine

by Phil Bell |

Honda NSX prices are on the move, according to the latest figures in this issue’s table of Price Guide Movers On The Up. With 16% growth, the first generation of Honda’s Ferrari-baiting supercar is in the top 20 of our 54 growers this month, which showed increases ranging from 4% to 90%.

That moves rough project cars to £22k, smart, usable examples to £30k and faultless cars to the £42-£55k zone. Low mileage inevitably drives the numbers even harder – we’ve seen a 35k-miler make £80k recently, and the automatics are also seeing increases.

These latest moves have helped the NSX leapfrog its old sparring partner by 4%, the Ferrari 348. While the Honda was always admired for its accessible abilities and all-round user-friendliness, the enthusiast market tended to view it as a little too competent for its own good, lacking the rawness that makes cars in this bracket truly exciting. But the world has moved on, and there’s a generation of buyers who want supercar drama, performance and handling, but don’t see why the experience should be particularly challenging, either from a driving or from an upkeep perspective.

There’s also the rise and rise of the Japanese performance car market. Its icons like the Nissan Skyline GTR and Subaru Impreza P1 have long since escaped the stigma of the associated performance tuning scene at its most youthfully exuberant. And we shouldn’t neglect the impact of the latest generation NSX, the publicity around which has helped raise the awareness and appreciation for the original. The current trend for NSX prices looks set to continue because fresh appreciation of a neglected classic has a habit of gathering momentum.

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