Market Watch: Ferrari 275GTS stumbles

Pricing update, 15 December 2021

RM Sotheby's

by Phil Bell |

Just three Ferraris have dropped in value this month, in a roundup that includes 19 fallers.

The 275GTS, built from 1964-1966, has seen the greatest movement, down 8.3% to make one of those long-dormant projects that keeps showing up in America worth typically £800k, one that’s still running but needing a heap of cash and expertise to make new £925k and the top-notch examples typically £1-1.1m.

Although those figures place the 275GTS in the top five fallers this month, this handsome and discreet Ferrari feels like one to keep an eye on. While plenty of exotic cars were dragged up the price guides during the last investment car boom by more desirable stablemates, the 275 got there on its own merits, not because it was the next best or next most affordable alternative to something buyers really wanted. What it lacks in drama, machismo and motor sport halo effect of its 275GTB sibling, it makes up for as the perfect choice for powering effortlessly through dramatic countryside on a vapour trail of 3.3-litre V12 music, sun filling the cabin while you and companion can’t believe that life couldn’t get any better. After all, not everyone dreams of pounding around a race track for hours, and most who finally got the chance would find it too stressful in something as precious as a 275GTB these days anyway. Buy a Cayman GT4 for that.

The only other Ferraris to experience a dose of slipping and sliding this month is the 250GT Lusso and 250 Cabriolet Series II, both prime choices for enjoying a taste of la dolce vita. The Lusso has dropped a more modest 4% to give a similar price spread of £725k to £1.2m. Like the 275GTS, it’s not one that seems likely to sustain that slide for long enough to look like anyone’s bargain because it too is appreciated on its own merits, in this case more overtly glam looks than the clean-cut 275GTS. The 250 Cabrio is down 4.2%, for a £540k to £1.05m range.

Tempted? I would be, but for the large matter of a financial shortfall.

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