Market Watch: Eighties icon overcomes its lag

After years of lagging the market, Audi’s Eighties icon values have started to spool up faster than its KKK turbocharger. New figures in Classic Cars magazine’s Price Guide Movers On The Up table have propelled these cars to second place on the leaderboard.

Audi Quattro

by Classic Cars |
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A 22% climb put entry-level project bargains for the brave typically at £10k, with drivable cars needing lots of work needing £25k. If you don’t hance getting your fingers or credit card dirty restoring a flaky car, be prepared to pay £40-50k for a shining example, more of exceptionally low-mileage or thoroughly historied examples.

Unlike many of their Eighties, sub-£50k rivals like Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2s and 944 Turbos, Quattros barely moved over the first part of the decade but have climbed 150% over the past five years. Part of that lag can be explained by frustrating gaps in essential parts availability, leaving otherwise well-preserved or restored examples in dry dock awaiting some elusive electronic component that went out of production years ago and has been too expensive or difficult to retool for.

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