Market Watch: climbers outnumber fallers as optimism returns

Price bulletin, 21 April 2021.

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by Phil Bell |
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And six out fo 50 models on the up are Lotus Esprits. Their numbers are up between 9.1% and 17%, depending on model, against an average increase for the market climbers of 15%. Top billing goes to the V8s built from 1996 to 2004 which gives them a price spread of £15k for rough examples through to £35k for concours-condition cars, confirming these as the most expensive of this month's growers.

The now-collectable and scarce Series 1 and Series 2 cars remain static for now, but have seen strong growth previously. Slowest mover is the GT3, built from 1996 to 1999, which is up 9.1%, giving a price range of £12.5k to £30k, depending on condition. Sandwiched in between, we've seen the Series 4 Turbo (1993-1996), Turbo and SE (1987-1992), X180 (1987-1990) and normally-aspirated Series 3 (1981-1987) all make double-digit growth. Against typical rivals from Ferrari and Porsche, which rode the past decade's boom much harder, it's a reversal of fortunes. While those cars are seeing a market correction, the Esprit is enjoying belated appreciation. In the past they've been held back by the stigma of all but one model only having four cylinders, of their glassfibre bodywork and all of those kit-car associations, and uncompromising styling.

With modern supercars increasingly downsizing engines, using composite bodywork and challenging traditional views on beauty, enthusiast tastes are changing and the Esprit is set to benefit further. Of course, it helps that Esprit prices enter our escape from lockdown with a lower baseline than most rival classics.

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