Market Watch: BMW 3 Series charge up the price charts

They’ve done it before and they’re at it again – BMW’s E30-generation 3 Series models are surging in value as Eighties nostalgia grips buyers


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They’ve made two entries into the top 40 Price Guide Movers On The Up.

Fastest mover is the 325i saloon, up 13% since our last update to give a price span of £1.1k, for the sort of project only a true optimist would take on, to £8.5k for a faultless time travelling Tardis that will transport you straight back to the thrusting Eighties. Geometric jumpers and white hi-top trainers optional.

That’s 25% in 12 months, when the span was £1k to £6.75k. And it’s not just the six-cylinder cars that are on the move, the four-cylinders are up 8.3% for a £0.9k to £6.5k price range., putting them right among the Bugatti Veyron, Bugatti EB110 and Ferrari Enzo in our growers chart.

As ever, the moves are driven by the force generated when growing nostalgia collides with scarcity of good survivors, and it’s leading to some comprehensive restorations when buyers can’t find cars in the condition they want.

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