Market Watch: Bizzarrini 5300GT prices on a charge

Their latest movements add them to a select bunch of collectable classics returning to growth

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So how to they fit with the overall market trends right now?

After investor-collectors decided that the apparently never-ending price surge of six-figure classics had indeed ended, cars at the level of the Bizzarrini either stalled or started slipping back. There’s always a lag between the appetite of buyers waning and values visibly declining because, as with the housing market, owners in denial persist in advertising at last year’s price because in their head they’ve already banked and spent that money. But over time the true picture emerges as owners who have a timely need to sell are forced to accept what cooler buyers are now prepared to pay.

We’ve said this before, but the market doesn’t move in unison – selected models and sometimes entire makes can be driven in the opposite direction to the herd, cars like the Bizzarrini 5300GT Strada. Five years ago you would have paid between £250k and £475k, depending on condition and history for one of these Sixties racing GTs lightly tamed for the road. A year ago that spread was £375k to £600k, but now it’s £450k to £750k.

The 5300GT is one of nine six-figure-plus collectables that made it into our Price Guide Movers On The Up table in the latest issue, out of 37 growers in total. The spread ranges from 3% to 99% growth since our last update.

Price Guide Movers On The Up is part of 16 pages of market news, analysis, tips and buying advice in the latest issue of Classic Cars.

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