Market Watch: Austin-Healeys

Price update 6.4.22

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by Phil Bell |

If you thought that interest in Fifties sports cars was waning, think again. Three different makes and models have made it to this month’s Price Guide Movers On The Up, including most variants of the six-cylinder Austin-Healeys.

Fastest climber is the earliest of those, the 100/6 in two seater and 2+2 forms, up 13% and enough to put it into our top 20. Entry level is now £15k, which buys you a project car, while something usable is typically £26k. Mint condition will cost more like £40k and £69k buys concours perfec-tion.

There’s a big gap to the next mover, the most fancied 2+2-only 3000 MkIII, the ultimate develop-ment of the series with 148bhp and niceties like a wooden dashboard. But it’s only up 3% for £20k, £30k, £48.5k and £69.5k depending on condition.

It’s being chased by the 2+2 version of the 3000 MkII, up 2.7% for £14.5k, £26k, £40k and £56.5k, and the two-seater MkII, up 2.4% to £22.5k, £35k, £48k and £65k respectively.

The Big Healeys’ handsome looks, engaging dynamics and rich motor sport history secure its sta-tus as the archetypal British roadster of the golden age so no matter how many cars at the modern end of the classic spectrum are welcomed to the fold, it keeps winning new hearts and wallets.

Too dated to attract each new generation of buyers? No more so than a thatched cottage.

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