Market Watch: Austin-Healey Sprite prices on the move

Price bulletin, 21 April 2021.

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by Phil Bell |
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In the midst of a trend that has seen £100k + classics slipping back and affordable cars surging in the opposite direction, Sprites are conversely losing ground. Our latest roundup sees them losing 4% to 8.3%, depending on model, against an average drop for this month's 23 fallers of 5%. So far, only two models are affected, the MkIII, in our top five fallers and the MkII, losing half as much by percentage. That makes £1.85k the typical entry price for rough MkIIs, with usable cars around £3.75k, faultless examples £7.75k and concours-condition cars making £12k.

MkIIIs run a little behind those values at £1.6k, £3.5k, £7k and £11k in equivalent condition. Just one of the Austin-Healey 3000s is down this month, the MkII BN7 (two seater), which has lost 4%. That makes it an outlier while its predecessors and successors are unmoved. So far this year, the other Sprite models and their MG Midget equivalents have held firm so we'll keep an eye on whether the decreasing interest is contagious.

Such traditional classics tend to avoid the fad-led movements of the rest of the market and when they do display a dip, it inevitably brings speculation that the appeal of them is waning as younger enthusiasts shun them in favour of the cars that they grew up with. While the generational effect is a dominant force in classic choice, cars like Sprites and big Healeys have qualities that continue to win over new generations of fans, drawn to their style, tactile driving experience and relative simplicity. On top of that, the abundance of spare parts, knowledge and specialists makes them so easy to own.

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