Market Watch: Aston Martin DB7 GT/GTA takes a tumble

Price update, 6.4.22

Aston Martin DB7GT

by Phil Bell |

Scarcity isn’t protecting the hottest evolution of the Aston Martin DB7 from losing value. Prices across the GT and automatic GTA variants have topped this month's Price Guide Movers On The Slide table with a 7.1% dip.

That puts rough examples at typically £23k, good, presentable cars at £35k and fault-free ones typically £42k. For perfection, add another £8k.

Makes and models that are falling this month are split fairly evenly either side of £100k but the Aston sits among the smaller group of post-Seventies fallers.

So what’s prompting the 300-odd DB7GT/GTAs to join this group? Despite its growing appreciation as a classic, the DB7 also has appeal for those seeking the most affordable route into Aston ownership and aren’t inspired by any classic credentials. That puts the GT right in the midst of all those excitingly depreciating DB9s and V8/V12 Vantages that came later. It’s a familiar journey for so many desirable modern cars as they lose the prestige of being new or nearly new and start to appear dated alongside the latest models. There’s usually a long period of decline before classic status is convincing, but along the way they become so affordable that buyers start chasing them again, pushing prices back up. At least until something slightly newer slides down into price range.

For now, the GT’s sharper suspension and brakes, subtly more purposeful looks and, in the manual versions, a dash more power and torque make them look particularly attractive at today’s prices.

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