The charms of these darlings of the six-figure price band are easier for buyers to resist

Aston Martin DB5

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Our latest update of Price Guide Movers On the Up, or in this case, On the Slide, includes Aston Martin DB5s, down by 3.4%. Like Ferrari 365GTB/4s, Mercedes 300SL Gullwings and Roadsters and other classics of similar status, the Aston coveted by every deep-pocketed James Bond fan is having its licence to thrill investors revoked. That’s likely to be a temporary suspension because, in the long term, there will never be a shortage of people who’ve always wanted a DB5, and a good supply of new enthusiasts ready to fall under its spell.

But for now, the market pressure is in the other direction, with rough project cars now £300k, smarter, usuable examples £420k, mint condition cars typically £560k and the best at £700k. Regardless of condition, those figures are still more than twice what you would have paid ten years ago so longer-term owners won’t be losing too much sleep.

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