Market Watch: Aston DB7 joins millennial value slump

The Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante is one of several millennial classics that are losing value

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It’s the sort of predictable correction that happens after a market accepts that prices have become too hot, and newer, more expensive classics are on the front line. The DB7 Vantage Volante, that’s a V12 convertible for those who don’t speak Aston Martin, is one of those cars that benefitted from buyers looking to newer products from great marques after the established classics from the Fifties to the Eighties became prohibitively expensive for so many buyers.

And if had everything going for it as an emerging classic – great badge, stunning looks, commanding performance and a roof that folds. So with more buyers chasing them, they too joined the ever-swelling band of appreciating classics. Then things cooled off, and the fall began. Our latest Price Guide Movers On The Slide shows the Vantage Volante down 6.3% since our last update and 8.6% since this time last year, taking value grown back more than five years. Now you pay £15k to £30k depending on condition and history, in 2015 that would have been £22k to £34k.

The four-owner 2003 example pictured had full service history and a provable 37,000 miles but made £25,000 in The Market's online sale in October.

Owners of other millennial fallers, like the Mercedes SL55 AMG can breathe a sigh of relief, while would-be buyers of 996 generation Porsche 911 GT2s have much to be optimistic about.

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