Market Watch: Aston DB5 Convertibles slip

Price bulletin, 24 March 2021.

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by Phil Bell |
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But the percentage fall is slight.

In fact, the 1.8% slip placed it at the bottom of our list of Price Guide Movers On The Slide this month. That list of 24 cars averaged a 4% fall, with a maximum of 8.3%.

The latest figures show entry level for a project car at £525k, if you can find one of the 123 built – they're so coveted that most have been restored by now. Good, usable examples add around £200k to that figure while the best are typically £0.9-1.1m. The 1965 example pictured was sold by Bonhams in 2018 for £886k and as recently as February 2021, Gooding sold a 1963 example for £825k. That figure is below our guide price for a mint example, but one sale doesn't redefine our numbers, it takes a series of results all heading in the same direction to do that.

Confusingly, after the longer-wheelbase DB6 appeared in 1965, with its distinctive flipped-up tail, the convertible offering retained the DB5 wheelbase and rear styling. Just 37 of these DB6 short-chassis Volantes were built before the more numerous, full-wheelbase DB6 Volante took over.

The DB5 Convertible is one of three Aston Martins in our list of fallers this month which includes nine Ferraris but only one Porsche. Just one of the fallers is a pre-war car while most – 46% of them - are from the Sixties. The remainder are almost evenly split across Fifties, Seventies and Nineties, with just one Eighties car included.

Ten of the cars are £1m+, six are £500k-1m and just two are sub-£100k, re-enforcing the trend that more affordable classics are either resisting decline or increasing in value.

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*Price category refers to those in mint condition.

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