Market Watch: Alfa 1900C Sprint takes a dip

Price bulletin, 7 April 2021.

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by Phil Bell |
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Both the Sprint and Super Sprint are down slightly in our latest price roundup.

The Sprint version of Alfa's exquisite 1900 coupé has dropped 2.5% since our last update to Price Guide Movers On The Slide, giving the following spread of condition-related prices:

• Rough £80,000

• Good £105,000

• Mint £155,000

• Concours £195,000

But that's just 1.8% behind where they were a year ago, revealing how their movement hasn't all been in the same direction.

The more powerful, twin-carburettor, five-speed gearbox-equipped Super Sprint has slipped even less, just making into our table of fallers this month with a 2.2% dip, giving:

• Rough £85,000

• Good £120,000

• Mint £165,000

• Concours £220,000

These latest figures take prices back to where they were a year ago.

Given the turbulence at the collectable end of the market, owners will no doubt be relieved by such relatively stability, though cars like this have been less influenced by the frothy forces at play in the Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin markets.

The 1900C was based on the 1900 saloon, Alfa's port-war switch to monocoque construction and repositioning down from its exotic coachbuilt pre-war past. New twin-cam four-cylinder engines of 1884cc and 1975cc, according to model ensured lively performance, and coil sprung suspension with double wishbones up front and trailing arms locating a live axle at the rear gave fine handling and set the template for a procession of great drivers' cars that would follow.

Alfa built more than 17,000 saloons in regular and Super specification, but just under 1800 coupés. Finding the right one for sale may mean a trip to Italy, once restrictions are finally relaxed.

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