MARKET WATCH: 964 Turbo spearheads a Porsche slide

Price update 29.12.2021

Classic Cars magazine

by Phil Bell |

The 964-generation 911 Turbo, built from 1990 to 1994, leads the slide at 10% down, giving the following spread of typical prices based on condition:

• Rough project £35,000 • Good usable £65,000 • Mint £105,000 • Concours £135,000

If you’ve had yours ten years or more, relax – back on 2011 your 964 Turbo was only worth £17,000, £22,000, £26,000 and £32,500 across the same condition points. That’s a 250% gain.

It’s joined by five of the 996-generation models that introduced water cooling to the 911, one Boxster variant, three impact bumper models from the 1973 to 1988 period, a 944 and just one pre-impact car, the 911S 2.0 from 1966-1969, which has dropped just 3.2% and that still leaves the 911S 210% more valuable than it was ten years ago.

Given the number of classics that shared the same price boom as post-chrome era Porsches but have turned from recent decline to growth again, I doubt that prices for GT2/3 and Turbo models will continue falling for long enough to approach 2011 prices. The modern era love affair with special 911 variants can only grow.

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