Market Watch: Ferrari 550 Maranellos are losing traction

Values are down 2.7% in our latest Price Guide Movers On The Slide.

Ferrari 550 Maranello

by Classic Cars |
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But owners shouldn’t panic, because the bigger picture remains good.

That latest drop might make owners uneasy, and the 6.5% drop since this time last year could seem cause for more serious concern, but over the longer term these handsome grand tourers have still done well. Before we get to that, let’s look at what those moves give us.

The latest figures show rough cars needing far too much work are down at £42.5k, a figure that would have bought you a tidy, usable example five years ago. Now that figure is more like £57.5k, with the fault-free cars ranging from £74k to £90k, depending on just how good they are. Twelve months ago that price span was £47.5k to £95k, but five years ago it was £35k to £62k. Owners who bought in recent years might be disappointed, but they’re likely to want to keep their 550s and carry on enjoying them for values to settle and in all likelihood return to gentle growth.

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