Winging it – will this Countach come ‘home’ to the UK?

Lamborghini Countach 5000QV

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RM offers a low mileage 5000QV that’s been with the same owner since 1989

The car is due a good run out to stretch its legs – it has only covered 5000 kilometres in the last 20 years. Perfect excuse for an epic road trip back to the UK?

There’s a peculiarity to this car’s story. Despite being delivered new to Germany – where it spent only six months – and now being offered for sale in Monaco, it has otherwise spent the rest of its existence with one UK owner. That’s 35 years, always wearing the 999 MNN registration it still bears today. If nothing else it would make life easy should the winning bidder at RM Sotheby’s sale on 11 May be another Brit. They could also perhaps christen their new toy with a memory-making epic drive home.

The date on the Lamborghini-issued Warranty Certificate of 7 July 1988 marks this out as one of the last of the 5000QVs to be built because its replacement, the Countach 25th Anniversary model, was launched just two months later at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. That revision did tone down some of the Countach’s styling eccentricities though, leaving the 5000QV remembered as the true brute, in both looks and performance.
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