Usable, loved minis can be found for good money


Despite the market slowdown Mini vaues seem to be up. Coopers may be weakening, but eary Sixties 850s are in high demand along with some eighties and Nineties specia editions. In the last quarter we saw strong prices like £6300 for H&H’s tired Almond Green ‘66 project with family ownership since 1973 and 65,000 miles or brightwells’ Island Blue ‘65 Austin Mini 850 with 36,000, 25-year ownership and bills for an older restoration. Anglia sold a ‘98 ex-japan Paul Smith special edition with 2932 miles for £8268 while a mint ‘89 Austin Mini Thirty (one of only 2000 in Cherry Red) and with 4000 miles, totaly history and one lady owner made £12,656. Given that a full professional bare shell resto on a Mini can now cost £25k, these prices for historied, few-owner, low-mileage examples don’t seem excessive.