mercedes 220 SEb coupé prices wilt so it’s time to buy


It wasn’t long ago that a spanking Mercedes W111 rhd SEb coupé was approaching £90k. The halo from the 3.5 V8 convertible used in the first Hangover movie helped send values into orbit, but it looks like softening is going on. In December Barons sold a ’65 220 SEb auto in champagne metallic with beige leather and 67,000 miles for just £22,550. And this was a three - owner car with extensive history, original sales invoice, a long run of MoTs and invoices for an older body resto and engine rebuild. In the same month Bonhams sold a ’64 manual rhd 220 SEb in silver with grey leather, two owners (the last for 52 years) and 7458 miles for only £8625. There may have been £20k of cosmetic fettling needed, but for such a low-mileage and original UK-supplied right-hand-drive SEb this was a cheap car – especially when you see how high advertised prices are currently running.

A private seller in Dublin has a restored ’65 220 lhd manual that’s had 2000 hours of restoration for £75k while Graeme Hunt in London has a ’65 220 rhd with 80,000 miles and 35 years of history for £54,000. Greenside Cars has a mid-blue ’68 pre-production 3.5 V8 coupé (one of only 245 rhd 3.5 coupés) with 128k and substantial history for £99,000. Rarely for sale and usually tired and rusty, these classy Paul Bracq-designed Sixties Merc coupés won’t stay down for long. So watch the auctions and if you see a warranted-mileage, few-owner SEb for less than £30k – pounce. Market nervousness may have depressed prices, but the W111 SEb Coupe’s evergreen desirability will never melt away.