MAY 2018 issue

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Quentin Willson’s Smart Buys 2018 Our master of the markets picks five classics set to rise in value in 2018, plus the emerging importance of model-year significance
Top 10 Cars to Restore in 2018. Fancy investing time and skill in a classic, as well as money? Our guide reveals ten basket-cases to resurrect – get searching those barns
• On the road in the Facel-Vega Facel II that crossed Europe in the hands of Rob Walker, the man who managed Stirling Moss’ racing career
• We take the ex-Alan Stacey Lotus XI from the racetrack for an intense, invigorating road blast – hold on tight
• LIFE CYCLE. This plucky Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint travelled the world in pursuit of oil, adventure and history – discover a life story that spans Europe and Africa
• THE COLLECTOR. Meet the man who’s spent decades amassing rare and unique examples of one of America’s finest luxury marques – Packard
• THE LIST. Reader Steve Yately once came within a whisker of buying a project Lamborghini Espada sight-unseen but saw sense at the last minute. Today we give him the chance to drive a prime specimen of this unusually proportioned V12 thoroughbred
• WHY I LOVE... Bond Bug creator Tom Karen reminisces – and ponders a modern version


• BUYING GUIDE. How to buy and enjoy a Triumph Herald or Vitesse
• Quentin Willson reveals which Lagonda, Daimler or Audi to buy now
• Will an ex-works Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato really become the much-touted ‘Most expensive British car ever’?
• Why we're tempted by Jowett and Jaguar, plus a barely-used Ford Sierra RS Cosworth and more for sale this month
• The latest books and models reviewed
• Cars for sale tested: Jaguar Mk2 3.4, Bentley Turbo R, Morgan 4/4, Jensen C-V8
• Advertise your classic for free


Quentin Willson on the malaise of MoT test exemption legislation
Gordon Murray on how to over-engineer a home cinema system
John Fitzpatrick on speeding in mega-Mercs, on road and track

The month in cars

• BARN FINDS. One of the earliest TVRs plus two Sixties supercars exhumed
• Highlights from the London Classic Car Show and Race Retro
• Your Letters on dodgy spares the last Armstrong and Tresers spotted
• Our Cars. Phil’s Jaguar E-type springs a leak, while Malcolm’s is caught in a race against time and Russ’ Alfa Romeo Spider cools off