Demand Grows for Aston Martin V8 project


One of the surest confirmations of a classic's growing popularity is when people start paying what looks like silly money for project cars. With Astons it very much prefaced the epic rise of early DB values some years ago. Now it appears to be happening with the V8s.

Two results on successive days recently put the seal on it. First we saw a 1973 V8 offered at South West Vehicle Auctions that had been buried under storage boxes in a garage for 20 years. Said to be a runner - probably - it will obviously require plenty of attention even if the new owner is only aiming for preservation-class standards. Estimated (rather pessimistically) at  £22,000-£26,000 it was deemed good enough to pay a 'Good' £48, 224 for. 

Aston V8_preview.jpg

Similar happened at ACA the next day with a DBS V8 that had been recently repatriated from Japan and was in need of a complete going-over. Offered at no reserve it topped out at just over £66,000.