Porsche 356 heading back towards affordability


 Though the less numerous earlier 356A models are holding their end up, values of Porsche's 356B and C coupes have slipped back to roughly where they were three years ago. 

That interesting nugget of information may offer some comfort to those enthusiasts who thought they'd missed the boat and would never get their hands on one. And it's easy enough to leave the 356As to the acquisitive 'own' it but don't use it' crowd. In reality they're probably not really worth the 17.5% premium they currently command. 

From the driver's seat the later cars are actually better, and it's hardly as if they lost much of their design purity as they grew older- unlike XKs or E-types, it could be argued. 


Are they going to fall any further? It's possible, of course, but given these cars' status and the relatively low numbers available compared to later Porsche's its unlikely to be by any kind of shirt-losing amount. In fact if there's a further general mid-market downswing they may even outperform it.