MARKET WATCH August 2018, week 3

Jaguars take a tumble

1. Bonhams Jag XK150S.jpg

Selected XK140 and 150 models fall from favour, according to the Price Guide update in our latest issue.

Of the 21 biggest fallers since our last update, four of them are Jaguars and they're all XK models that have previously enjoyed consistent market appeal and growth, with occasional surges. What's surprising is the sight of price regression in the midst of a much-celebrated anniversary year – it's 70 years since the XK120 was launched – because the 60th anniversary led to strong growth as enthusiasts snapped up cars to take part in the various events that made a fuss of them.

The models that have slipped are all what have considered to be ultimates in terms of performance and driving/touring usability, such as the XK140 drophead coupé – a happy combination of reasonably early styling with more interior space than the original XK120 and a more civilised hood than the bare-bones roadster. And it's the XK140 dhc that has lost the most, down a thumping 20%. By comparison the big-engined 3.8-litre versions of the final XK150 model in S and SE spec have fared better, losing just 6-7% since our last update.

It's further evidence of a shift in appeal from best-developed is best to earliest and purest is best that has driven XK120 price growth. More details on the latest issue here.

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Aston becomes a canny buy

2. Aston_Martin_DB7_ID650.jpg

But is it too early to buy a DB7 Vantage? They're part of a group of modern classics that sit a little uncomfortably in the gulf between nostalgia-driven appeal, the most recent era for which is the Eighties, and depreciating secondhand desirables. After appearing to bottom out as secondhand exotics, DB7s have seen some growth, only to have their trajectory deflected by the downward pressure of DB9 prices.

The best-historied and lowest-mileage DB7s have suffered least, but with so many  on the market (our market guru Quentin Willson mentioned 200 for sale in his Hot Buys section in the latest issue) buyers can afford to be picky with what they chase and cheeky with their offers. More details on the latest issue here.

We want this Lancia Flaminia

3. Lancia Flaminia.jpg

The older restoration of this Zagato-bodied Sport still looks great, despite being completed in the early Nineties. There are a few minor paint crack and swirl marks but the overall presence of of an extremely sharp car.

Zagato only bodied 344 Flaminia Sports and this is an early enough example to have the desirable covered headlamps. Our tester found that its handling, ride, brakes and steering all felt consistent with a well-restored and properly maintained car, while the V6, three-carburettor engine seemed in fine health.

Its £335k asking price sits just under the top condition/dealer figure in the latest issue's Price Guide Quarterly. If you're in the market for something unusual and thoroughly rewarding to own, this has to be worth a look. More details on the latest issue here.

Buy a Lancia Delta well

4. Lancia Integrale 010.jpg

Despite strong price growth for the most collectable editions, there's still good value to be found in the Integrale model sequence.

The Integrale buying guide in our latest issue shows that you need to budget at least £40/45k for an excellent Evo 1/Evo 2, the ultimate developments of one of the most tactile and exciting hot hatches built. For the best you're looking at £65/90-130k respectively.

But don't despair, entry level for a usable 8-valve car is £15k with £25k buying a properly sharp example. And good 16-valve cars are £20-30k.

So, you can afford on, but what about running it? There are some gaps in parts availability, particularly panels, which can make life challenging if you buy a car needing any, and there are some weaknesses, such as gearboxes that aren't nearly as robust as those punchy twin-cam engines. Armed with our buying guide you should be able to avoid the troubled cars out there and end up with something that makes you grin every time you twirl the steering wheel at a challenging bend. More details on the latest issue here.