MARKET WATCH, July 2018, week 1

Latest market winners revealed

1 Porsche 911 2.0 copy.jpg

Biggest gains are seen from Alfa, BMW, Porsche and Triumph in the latest issue's Price Guide Movers update. Of the 53 models that have shown growth, Alfas make regular appearances, with the GTV 2000 up 5.4%, SZ-1 up 7.1%, 1750/2000 Berlina up 9.1% and Giulia Ti/Super up 25%. But it's the Alfasud that comes out top, with the Sprint up 29% and saloon/Ti models gaining 43%. But fear not, they're still relatively affordable, with usable cars starting at £2000 and excellent examples costsing £4250-6950, depending on just how good they are.

The smaller-engined models of BMW's '02 range 1600/1602/1502 are a close second, up 38% to £3000 and £6500-9000 in equivalent condition.

Despite a general cooling off of what was generally accepted as an overheated Porsche 911 market, the early 2.0 litre cars are on the move again, upwards. With a 33% gain you're looking at £65k for a rough car needing a lot of work, £100k for something usable and £150-200k for the real sharp stuff.

Triumph's winners have been the Herald convertible and Vitesse range, up 23 and 21% respectively. So Vitesse 1600 and 2000s start at aaround £1k for a project car, doubling for something usable and £4.5-7k for the smartest cars. It's a similar story for Herald 1200 convertibles, but the nicest examples are more expensive, at £5-8k.

For more buying and market advice, including Quentin Willson's Hot Tips, try the latest issue of Classic Cars.

Citroën SMs on the slide?

2 SM.jpg

Recent sales suggest that prices are slipping after several years of growth. It's too early to see a price reduction in our price guide, but there are signs that Citroën SMs are selling for less than they have been recently. It's exemplified by Historics at Brooklands selling a particularly good example for £34k against a market-realistic £38-44k estimate.

If you've seen your dream of owning one of these beguiling French GTs power out of reach, a little patience may just see them slip back into budget.

For more buying and market advice, including Quentin Willson's Hot Tips, try the latest issue of Classic Cars.

We want this Lotus Elite

3 lotus.jpg

These Seventies throwbacks are rare in this condition. This 1978 Lotus Elite Series 1 is in smart shape inside and out, with only minor blemishes to detract, and drove well on our test drive with its twin-cam 16-valve engine pulling strongly and independent suspension offering sophisticated ride.

It has just 44,600 on the odometer and there are plenty of receipts in the service history folder to suggest that it's been well looked after by its four owners.

For a whiff under £8k there can't be many cooler ways to relive the wild and wedgy Seventies. It's one of four cars for sale that we test drive in the current issue of Classic Cars.