MARKET WATCH June 2018 week 1

Ferrari 512TRs shed the pounds

Ferrari 512TR.jpg

While one result doesn't make a trend, it can sum up one. The Ferrari 512TR that made just over £92k in the Artcurial Paris sale was a 60,000km example with good service history and as Russ Smith writes in this issue's Chasing Cars section, a similar car would have made £120k not so long ago.

It's part of a current trend for for decline in prices achieved for its more numerous Testarossa predecessor, but the 512TR is falling harder. Seventies and Eighties Ferrari saw some of the steepest growth in the classic car market, so it's unsurprising that they're seeing significant decline. That said, overall prices for 512TRs in various levels of condition and mileage are only down 4.1% since our last update. Other models in the current issue's Price Guide Movers table have dropped up to 14%.

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Latest market winners revealed

Lotus Carlton.jpg

Despite ongoing and steady declines seen at the top of the market, classics in the low to mid range continue to show anything from solidity to galloping gains according to this issue's roundup of Price Guide Movers.

With a jump of 66% since our last update, the Lotus Carlton now starts at £10k for a rough car needing lots of expensive work, with £17k being needed for a good driver and £26-39k for mint examples, depending on levels of perfection. That's not even the biggest of the 66 top climbers this month, with a top ten encompassing models as diverse as the Porsche 924 and Daimler Majestic Major.

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We want this Pontiac Firebird


Exposure to all of those American cop shows and road race caper films in the Seventies means that cars like this big, brash Firebird always turn my head. It's a colourful alternative to the demure European grand tourers that I normally fall for.

This 1978 example, which we test in the current issue, is packing an earlier engine from a Pontiac GTO, so there's 300bhp to enjoy from its 6.5 litres and it's huge fun to deploy. We were also impressed with its overall condition, but, although the history file is large, it doesn't contain evidence of more recent servicing because it's been maintained by the owner's garage business. However, the way it drives and looks  suggests that it's been well looked-after. This Trans-Am is one of four cars for sale that we test and evaluate in the latest issue.

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