Market Watch: modern classics grow fastest

In our latest Price Guide Quarterly update of more than 1400 classic car values, modern classics from BMW, Toyota and Ford top the the climbers charts.

web BMW 325i.jpg

With prices of BMW E30 M3s having hit the buffers, buyers are looking for more affordable alternatives, pushing the 325i Sport at a startling rate. We’ve seen values grow 99% since our last update, with rough examples now £3.5k and usable cars double that. Show-quality examples are £14k and the best concours-level cars are £20k. We’ve even seen on hit £29k and the recent CCA sale but we’ll need to see a few more sell at that level before we move our guide price again.

Toyota’s late Eighties/early Nineties Supra and Supra Turbo have seen similar gains, certainly for the now scarce unmodified examples. But these handsome brutes still represent great value with a sub£2k entry point, even for the Turbo, which commands £3.3k in usable condition and £6.5-10k for the real smart examples.

Third in our climbers table is the Ford Escort RS1600i, up 42% to make £3k the entry point, £6.5k for something tidy and £13-18.5k for the smartest examples. Although the chart-toppers are all modern classics this month, the list is littered with chrome-era classics, from Alfa GT Junior to Jaguar MkI.

These latest result support the trend that most of the upward movement in in the sub-£50k category. Price Guide Quarterly is part of 23 pages of buying tips and advice, including Quentin Willson’s Smart Buys, Ads on Test, Buying Guide and Price Guide Movers in the June issue of Classic Cars.