Market Watch: Mercedes coupés fall out of style

Mercedes 280SE 3.5 Coupés join once-buoyant Ferraris and Porsches in a price correction that’s slowly returning better value to the market

web mercedes.jpg

Mercedes 280SE 3.5 Coupés are in the top 20 cars on the slide in our latest Price Guide Quarterly update. These glamorous and discreet coupés built from 1969 to 1971 had enjoyed a steady rise along with the rest of the classic car market but our latest figures show a 4.5% drop.

That brings rough examples down to £26.5k and usable cars to £47.5k. The best now sit in the £80-105k band, and rough examples will easily cost more than that to restore properly. To put that slip into perspective, our 36 fallers this month range from just 1.2% for the Fiat Osca 1500/1500S Spider to 17% for the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I Mulliner Convertible, and is slightly behind the sort of Porsches and Ferraris that once climbed hard, only to fall away as investors stopped seeing the potential for future gains.

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