Market Watch: Range Rover prices in descent

Range Rover’s luxury 3.9SE – built from 1989 to 1996 – is among the top ten casualties of this month’s Price Guide Fallers roundup in the latest issue of Classic Cars. After enjoying a surge in prices led by the Seventies originals, these later and more plush developments have lost 11% since our last update.

web rangey.jpg

That means entry level for a rough example is just £1.5k and decent, usable cars are £3.5k. The really good cars are more like £7.5k with the best now down to £12k. It’s a familiar pattern, where the earliest and purest versions of an important car become seen as collectable and begin attracting better quality restorations and a surge in value until they become so expensive that the later models are bought as the next best thing. When the market runs out of steam, the pure, early cars prove the most resilient but all of those cars swept along in their wake become the first to start shedding value. Sixty percent of the biggest fallers are modern classics this month.

Price Guide Movers is part of 16 pages of buying tips and advice, including Quentin Willson’s Hot Tips, Ads on Test, the Buying Guide in the July issue of Classic Cars.