Market Watch: Porsche 911SCs catch their post-boom slide

They’ve started cautiously accelerating again, so is now a good time to buy one of these B-road thrillers?

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911SCs have stepped up 7.7% since our last Price Guide Movers update in Classic Cars magazine, making £12.5k the entry level for cars needing lots of expensive mechanical and cosmetic work. Time was when that sort of figure would have bought a smart, usable example, but that time seems a long way in the past. Since then we’ve seen a long and progressive rise in the classic car market overall, and a particularly acute spike in Porsche 911 prices.

Yes, after decades defining surprisingly affordable, Porsche’s exciting but tough 911SC was finally picked up and swept along by the Porsche buying frenzy led by the rarer examples of more modern 964 and 993-generation cars. Since then there’s been a significant market correction as investors stopped believing in the never-ending growth promised by optimistic vendors with short memories. With them largely out of the picture, that left buyers with an enthusiasm for the right car, but only at the right price. And those buyers are continuing to see value in these cars, pushing good usable examples to £19.5k and the best into the £30-42k range. Those of us hoping to benefit from a slide bottoming out in the mid teens have been disappointed.

Given that current prices are a product of solid demand after the post-boom slip, buying now looks like a solid idea.

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phil bell