Market Watch: Peugeot 205GTI lifts off the growth curve

While much of the sub-£50k and an even larger chunk of the sub-£10k market has continued to grow, Peugeot’s hot little number has spun out

1989 Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI 1200 x 779.jpg

The more fancied 1.9 – buyers will always chase ultimates, even if they’re not as nice to drive – has been hit hardest, dropping 10% in our latest roundup of the month’s biggest fallers and placing it in the top three.

That drops rough cars needing restoration to £1.5k, decent driver-condition cars to £4k and mint examples to £8.8k, with the most perfect cars now £13.5k. The 1.6 has proven more resilient so far, slipping 2.1% to £1.3k, £2.9k, £6.8k and £11.5k respectively. The less coveted examples of cars tend to have an elastic relationship to the halo car, taking time to follow its upward or downward trend, but not always doing either. We’ll keep an eye on these.

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