Market Watch: Mercedes 220S/SE quietly retreats

While galloping Ferrari and Porsche prices made most of the headlines as the market grew, Mercedes prices were steadily rising in the background, and now they’re following the downward trend

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The two-door Mercedes 220 built between 1956 and 1957 is one of four Mercedes models to join our ‘On the Slide’ table in the latest issue of Classic Cars. The more valuable Cabriolet version has been hit more than twice as hard as the Coupé, with prices down 6.7% since our last update. That puts it in the top three depreciators in a month that’s seen drops ranging from 1.2-9.1%.

That means the very best examples of these understated and beautifully-made cars aare £140k, with fault-free cars £90k and good, usable examples £47.5k. Entry level for rough cars is £30k. Coupés are £56k, £39k, £24k and £16k respectively. This doesn’t mean that the coupé is suddenly gaining favour at the expense of the cabriolet, more that the latter saw the hottest growth during the boom and ended up at a price that buyers in the current market think is poor value, with consequently greater downward pressure on prices. When the market eventually picks up again, the queue of cabriolet buyers will be longest.

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