Market Watch: Jaguar XJ-S falls and climbs

Whether you’re looking for one of the falling or climbing models, the movements are gentle – so don’t be spooked into making a hasty decision. This is a mature market.

web jag xjs.jpg

Underlining the complexity of the classic car market, Jaguar XJ-Ss are going up or down at the moment, depending on model. So, while the 4.0-litre straight-six and V12 convertibles have turned from growth to 2.6/3.1% falls respectively in our latest Price Guide Quarterly update, the cabriolet XJ-SC and Le Mans editions are continuing to grow steadily. And the more exceptional the example, in terms of mileage, condition and completeness of service history, the hungrier the market.

That said, we’re not seeing or expecting the sort of heated demand that will make any XJ-S unaffordable in a hurry so you can still afford to be picky about condition, paperwork and price.

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